29 thoughts on “Katy Perry Sexy (58 Photos)

  1. Skippy

    Every photo looks like she’s either trying to hold in a giant shit or Justin Bieber got stuck losing a bet and had to get tits.

  2. Snipes

    I see her liberal mental illness is going strong cut hair cry and whine… check looking ugly check….

  3. The dude

    I wish she would just get naked like all the other lady celebs. I sense her lack of participation my reflect a sense of shame instilled heavily at a young age. I do hope she one day joins the crowd and let’s her vulva swing wild and free. It doesn’t do anybody any good hidden away – yanking it out would probably result in hundreds of baby conceptions from horny husbands within a few days of the event.
    I don’t know how much to trust my photoshop work, which I use for fun and nothing else (I don’t upload it or even save it cuz my wife would kill me). I doconsider myself a PS expert, motivated by celebs in skimpy bikinis. I can usually get a nice clear vagina, but it struggles more with the meaty ones. Katy I would predict is not meaty and may have more of the bald virgin look where you’ve got yourself a pretty little crack. But, I never feel like I can 100% trust the results, so it’s not the same as when they ‘leak’ their fully nude spread eagle bend over nudes. At least 70% of the turn on is the woman wanting to be seen – a lot of people think women don’t dig nudity. They do, but the nudity they dig is their own. They are natural exhibitionists and enjoy showing with the same passion that a man enjoys looking. Katy was probably banned from the internet or closely supervised, fairly repressed, unlike the raised on the internet generation who saw their first wide open vag at an ungodly unmentionable age and think nothing of nudity as evidenced by their vaginas all over th place, thank you Jesus. Older women not raised on the internet have a more engrained modesty – how many born b4 1985-1990 (raised pre internet) leak nudes? It’s only the young ones who are so open, and you can tank the freeing effect of the internut. Katy is not older, but she was raised Pentecostal – only mennonites and Amish are more restrictive! So, Katy lacks the free swinging vag mentality of many of her peers.

    Anyhoo, that’s her business – if she won’t leak nudes then she won’t leak nudes. Out of my control, except for some PS tweaks that may or may not be fully accurate.
    Are there any other PS experts out there who can confirm that I’m not fooling myself when I see a big bald crack through a bikini? Anyone else doing that? Or am I either singularly great at PS? Or am I stupid for even thinking I’m seeing full vag through a bikini?
    I do a lot with opacity and healing balance to pull it off, but I may be imagining stuff!
    Sorry for the rant…

  4. Pythagoras

    this culture is doomed.
    how a women that looks like fat annoying kid with boobs get so much attention?

  5. Spankmaster

    A healthy woman wearing a bikini that is obviously two sizes smaller than her. I will overlook her dyke haircut for the fact the someday she will go fully nude and then I will fap myself into oblivion. And then none of you will hear from me again…

  6. Spankmaster

    No one wants to hear from you either Spunkmaster, and yet here we are in giving each other shit. The only difference is mine comes fresh from my arse, whereas you’re such a tight fucking prick, that the best you’re capable of producing is snail shit after its slimed over your tongue. Perhaps I will hang around just to piss you off, as I still consider myself human in being able to fap myself into happiness, whereas as your fist recently rejected you in disgust. And here comes another one…

    1. Wewea

      And haters gonna say whatever they say it says the jealousy is common for this web’s browsers, now Katy she is magnifique, that’s it goodbye “_


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