58 thoughts on “Katy Perry Sexy (139 Photos)

  1. Lou

    Rub that twat, baby. Go ahead! If you really want to get crazy let a Trump supporter like myself rub it with my tongue!!!

    1. LOCK HIM UP

      Well since you probably have tiny hands and a dick to match like President Chump, your tongue is your best chance.

        1. pendleton

          in this day and age liberal is basically synonymous with intelligent or educated so i’d be okay with that label

          1. henry

            liberal is associated red haired tumblrina loser. libs can’t stop losing trump can’t stop winning.

          2. Little black beauty

            Actually throughout time some of the most bloody and brutal times in history are considered some of the most liberal moments in history… no dog in this fight but you sound like a dickhead when you say ridiculous things like that and embarrass our party. Need an example, French Revolution. Get up on your history son.

        2. LOL

          LOL this coming from a Kardashian. I’m guessing you came here to look for some black dick like the rest of the Kardashians? ROFL!

    2. Fuck Donald Drumpf

      Probably the only thing you Drumpf shills are good for. Small brains, big dicks and small genitals. Only good for doing menial tasks and rely on welfare, can’t wait for Daddy Drumpf to take it away from you infantile muppets.

      “Go DRUMPF! GO DADDY DRUMPF!” *PROCEEDS TO FUCK HIS SIBLING* “YEAH DADDY DRUMPF!” *SON GETS KILLED WITH GUN* “Well, sister, it ain’t the guns fault that our child is dead.”

    3. YouHaveASmallWiener

      Why do Trump supporters constantly feel the need to inform everyone they support Trump? Like supporting Trump makes you some kind of bad ass rebel or something. This is a fucking celebrity porn site no one gives a shit about your political affiliation.

  2. carl

    8lbs and you’ll be good KP, also don’t do that miley cyrus thing on your hair please, just grow it again and be happy

    1. AJ

      I have no problem with smokers at all. I light up a little one myself at times. I have a problem with her being white AND ugly. Horrible combination.

  3. Stud Studly

    What is this world coming to when Miley is growing her hair out and regretting being a slut and Katy Perry shaves her head and starts running her pussy on the beach??

  4. The Mad King

    Lock him up, you are what is wrong with this world. How about you actually go and learn something about Trump before you run that cocksucker of yours. Now to Katy Perry’s fine ass. Did the photographer fall asleep or something because it looked like she lost her top and put it back on, but they fucked up and missed them titties. All she needs to do is to grow her hair back out and she’ll be one of the finest bitches around.

  5. Brutus

    Please gentleman,we come here to look at pussy and tits,please don’t destroy it by bringing politics into it.

    With that being,her crabs are probably acting up


    If she didn’t sing no-one would notice her! She is a 4 at best. She is so young but her body looks 50! Horrible body.

  7. Taj

    Shes very different from when i saw her in 2011. She is ageing drastically… not gracefully. Oh… and i still need to see her body orifices.

  8. Ztripper

    OK, she is long past her prime, but that’s pretty fucking sexy.

    For so many years now, millions of real men (not online forum faggots) have longed to see her tits and pussy more than any other.

  9. nacho

    Something must be seriously wrong with the tits for her not to show them.

    Any girl with something worth showing shows it

  10. Shitty McShitdick

    Not looking very fresh anymore, but I’d still empty my ballsac all over those floppy ol’ titties !

  11. Rusty

    Katy Perry is as plain as paper and frumpy as fuck. If you only look good after two hours of hair and makeup then you aren’t pretty at all. That hair style is just plain awful. After looking at these pics I have this feeling that her pussy stinks like swamp ass mixed with stinky feet Lol.


    We do come here to look at naked women both POLITICS & RACIST NAMRS have no place here. I’m a white man living in the upper Midwest and I would slap my kid silly if I heard him use the N word! Try to be adults.

  13. The Mad King

    Hey devilislurking, you’re parenting wrong! You’re supposed to encourage your kids to hate fucking niggers not beat them if they insult the ignorant apes!

  14. JJ

    A bad haircut and her political views don’t make her any less sexy. That said, I want to make out with her pussy so bad… so do the rest of you blowhards.

  15. Spankmaster

    1122, I do hope so because I’d be plenty happy to give her all my dick on a constant basis. Her dyke ugly haircut might be a bit off putting, but then so would her being drenched in my cum. Stand back please, we have lift off…

      1. Spankmaster

        Philosophy 101, you only say that because you’ve been nipping into your colostomy bag again. Just remember to breathe deeply and try not to get too intoxicated over your own smell, as I’m sure it’s pretty overpowering stuff. You are what you eat and your brain is no less different…


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