14 thoughts on “Katy Perry Sexy (13 Photos)

  1. Doug

    Dykish yet mannish. Love all that brings with it. Fun fact: inpve never been with a woman. Goddammit, where’s the age, nationality and man bits?

  2. Turlough

    I prefer her with longer hair, but she’s fucking gorgeous. Fantastic body. Why hasn’t there been any leaked cloud pics of her flicking herself off?

    1. ..

      What a troll typically childish comment wasting your times you’ve posed. She’s a true star she has nothing to deal with leaked or stuff like she has music’s projects humanity projects and sport life so you’re asked for nothing, maybe you should check other websites if leaks of girls is your life’s goal anyway.

  3. wideasmywrist

    Looks rank looking with short hair still has the great tits but couldnt fuck her while looking at her with that haircut, she doesnt suit it.

  4. TheRealDoug

    Spot on old sport! And do tell me, would it be uncomfortable to sit in that dress, with all that pointy diamonds, real or not?

  5. Suska

    Thanks to Donald Trump…This bitch went full LIBARTARD and NOW FULL UGLY and FEMINIST after KILLARY LOST THE ELECTION……

  6. Spankmaster

    Ok, the haircut makes her look like a militant dyke, but she still has cracking tits and an equally good arse, so let her go lesbian on tape as I watch with my friend my hand keeping me warm.. And I like traffic lights…


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