29 thoughts on “Katharine McPhee Sexy (28 Photos)

    1. White Russian

      Don’t care how many times I see Doug’s comment I laugh my ass off every time lmao. Keep those hot takes coming lol

    1. klawicki

      One more time for the worthless idiots…in this case, I am referring to Iamhere..you are the worthless, suicidally lonely idiot to which I am referring…it was shown that the pussy shots were LITERALLY taken straight from a plastic surgeon’s website as a before/after shot for labiaplasty. Not her.

      Seriously…you are a perfect example that Darwinism is not a thing. If it was, your DNA would have been removed from the gene pool LONG ago./. Then again, I guess Darwin knows that you will never get laid, so there is no danger of you passing along your stupidity to another generation. But that means, the second you save up enough McDonald’s paychecks to pay someone to have sex with you, you will suffer a heart attack or some other sort of accident to kill your before you can spread your seed.

      1. willow

        Link to the website, or I call it bulls**t like everything else before, where some stupid kiddie fans of her tried to make these horrible pussy pics like not happend 😀

    2. c

      Too bad you are a clueless fool. Her body is real and that includes her tits. You clearly can’t tell the difference.

  1. John

    She has a great body but I just always hate she cheated on her husband with her director that was over twice her age…

  2. wawawe

    Ouch. You know you’re a Z lister when you have to call the papparazzi and tell them where you are. Such blatantly staged ‘candid’ photos lolol.

  3. Mark

    Absolutely beautiful! I remember watching her on American Idol sitting on the floor singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and it was PERFECTION! I am so glad she’s remained in the public eye all these years.


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