34 thoughts on “Kate Wasley – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. John

    Thankfully they’re near the beach, with the help of a crane or something we can put them back to their natural habitat.

  2. Clinton 2019

    I’m glad they keep her wet. I hear you keep them wet and when the tide comes in you get the leader to go back into the ocean.

  3. Truth

    More body positive images from fat acceptance movement. They should have pasted her with words like: whale, porker, fatty, chubber, and ms piggy.

  4. ChubbyChaser

    Stupid haters. Cute chubby chicks like this are the best in the sack. I can’t believe how sexy this chick is and all anyone can say is “Oh she’s fat”.
    If you stupid fucks ever gets with a girl like this, you will see just how wonderful that jiggly body is.
    I have been with women of all shapes and sizes and nothing is better than a chubby chick like this.
    You haven’t lived until you get a piece of ass like this.

  5. !

    SJW have gone full retard, after playboy without nudes…here comes the normalization of extreme obesity :/

    Someone should nuke the US before it’s too late

  6. Wiggles

    Gluttony in a bikini!
    SI lost all credibility when they folded to politics and started catering to diversity over the best swimsuit bodies they could find. Ridiculous!

  7. shane

    Are we in Arkansas? Is there a calling of the pigs?
    What’s with all the fat unhealthy women? I mean seriously, just because SI messed it all up doesn’t mean you have to as well

  8. WTF

    So now lazy fat pigs are celebrated and their personal choice to be unhealthy and make poor health choices is supposed to be found attractive and acceptable? Western women really have no concept of personal responsibility. Everything including their own fat is somehow someone else’s fault.

  9. debaser

    Since they are moving forward with equality they will need to be rolling up with ugly models. They are being terrible people by just using pretty women as models.

  10. Ren

    The fucking Liberals are using the great annual male-fantasy tradition to further their campaign to undermine or ridicule male sexuality.

  11. Zado

    So curvy and sexy. The stupid haters can go suck each other, this is a very hot woman, i’d prefer her over any skinny body any day.

  12. John

    i don`t have anything against a few extra pounds (i`m not a CK model myself) but to say and promote yourself as healty model it`s a ….i don`t know , kinda a nahhh


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