7 thoughts on “Karrueche Tran Sexy (35 Photos)

  1. You're out

    Pretty girl, but ruined by bullet hole bellybutton. and the dumbest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Oh, and Chris Brown. 3 strikes.

  2. Zippo

    Give that doctor a medal – this is the best lady boy thing I’ve ever seen! Almost looks like a real hot brown sugar momma – but since I know it had a dick once – I’d only let it suck me off

    1. zippo

      and you know thins how…she is all woman and you need glasses….what the fuck is it on this site? you see black beauties and they are either compared to monkeys, or are automatically trannies…..she’s a beautiful brown woman and I’d love to have a try, just one is fine unless she’d like more…..bunch of fucking racist jackasses…..

      1. LOL

        Better they stay on the computer in mommy’s basement and jerk off than actually go out and talk to women. You know, because they might actually get laid and wind up procreating. Keep them on the internet so they can continue losing at life.


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