20 thoughts on “Julieanna Goddard Sexy (18 Photos + Video)

    1. Klipser

      You are either a jelaous girl or a faggot. This is not fat, there are some pigs amongst plus size models, but this one is as fine as it gets.

  1. @realDonaldTrump

    I’m not sure what a social media queen is, but you are correct she does have a very nice ass. Unfortunately, she does not have the breasts to complement that sweet, juicy ass. Unlike my daughter ivanka who has both. Now there is a real woman for you!

    1. Sean Spicer

      Sir, it seems like i need to remind you the importance of keeping your social media appearances on approved websites only.

      The press will have a great time asking me on the press conference tomorrow.

  2. Robbo

    Thunderthighs are on the move
    Thunderthighs are loose
    Hear the magic
    Hear the roar
    Thunderthighs are loose
    Thunder thunder thunder thunder thighs

  3. AJ

    Her pictures unfortunately are started to get boring in a hurry. All the same, all on the beach, all in the same type of low cut bikini briefs. Still better to look at than Maitland Cow, but still……..please variate ur pics woman.

  4. Steve-OH-Snap

    This fat fucking cow plugged the toilet in her hotel room with what is now know in the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel as… “The Beast” this thing was so hot and steaming with stink and disgust that it nearly broke the poor shitter in half! Then that fucking slut let the homeboys run the train right through her asshole after the Cavs got done with her stinky ass that fucking room stunk to high heaven!!! She said she was married and in love hahaha it took those boys 30seconds to have her filled with dick!


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