45 thoughts on “Jenny McCarthy Naked (14 Photos)

      1. tomjoad333

        Jenny McCarthy? She’s never been in porn. She posed for Playboy a couple times and there’s some nude video’s of her modeling, but she’s never done actual porn.

  1. x

    Who the hell is that random guy hitting it from the back? She better hope this was before she got with Donnie Wahlberg. I always knew she was a huge freak. I always wanted to fuck her every time I saw her on TV. She always acted so naughty in interviews.

    1. rog

      Yeeeah. I actually care more about the boyfriends and husbands of all these naked celebrities. Poor Donnie if he had to find out his wife was banging someone else they’ve been together.

      1. Yoursen Miles

        I’m convinced it’s a wedding band. He’s in deep shit now. Most likely the picture was taken with the front camera that always turns things the opposite of what they are. Try it with you phone and you’ll know what i mean.

        1. thatfappened

          Nah look at pictures from when she had short hair the side that drops down her face is always on the right. Nice idea though.

          1. Jesus_the1st

            Actually some men wear these bands on right index also…so zero way to know definitively…I am the word of god. Amen haha

  2. ButterFace

    Class act all the way. Her daddy did a great job and must be proud. It will take Donnie W I.Q = 15 awhile to put 2+2 together…but this aging skank will really freak out in her late 40s when she can no longer trade on her looks. Nice roast beef.

    1. Jefferson Steelflex

      Well she’s already in her late 40’s and still is fine as hell. But obviously these were before she was married. If she was married she wouldn’t be taking pictures and videos!

  3. You

    The guy doing her from the back was a skit for her comedy special. You all need to just look at the pics and move on. No one cares what you think about how a celeb is living her life. So annoying.

  4. Chino Bleezy

    Screw 2015 Jenny, there’s been (way better) naked pics of her online since the 90’s. What I wanna see is Ariel Winter’s magnificent 17-going-on-24 tits & ass. Sarah Hyland leaked photos is some bullshit. That chick’s 24 but looks 13, no thanks!

  5. DramaKing_NYC

    You guys know that Jenny McCarthy has herpies right?…. she admitted it on Howard Stern and the Wendy Williams show… i also think she cheated on Donnie cuz those pics of that dude blowin her back out look pretty damn recent!

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