Jenny Davies Topless Fappening (5 Pics & Video)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

We got a letter with the uncensored exclusive photos of YouTuber Brad Holmes’s girlfriend Jenny Davies. She is so hot! Check out her Instagram with 112k+ followers!


Leaked Fappening shots of Jenny Davies. Enjoy these shots!

These pics are from OnlyFans. Thanks to Peter for the info!

And watch this video of here from YouTube:

19 thoughts on “Jenny Davies Topless Fappening (5 Pics & Video)

  1. Pogan Laul

    The only thing that qualifies you as less famous than being a YouTube personality is being a YouTube personality’s girlfriend. Stop making stupid people famous.

    1. AJ

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. Clear sign that Craphead is at least 80 years old, which explains his often lame posts and comments.

  2. JennyDaviesIsUgly

    She clearly sent these in herself. Just look at her Instagram profile, she’s a cam whore. This is not a “leak” and this girl is a nobody

  3. wawawe

    So this chick literally sent out her nudes wanting people to plug her. Even the way the message was typed “Jenny Davies. She is so hot! Check out her Instagram with 112k+ followers!” looks like a blatant ad. LOOOOOOL what an attention whore. LMAO

    1. Patrick

      Wawawe, I don’t think there’s any doubt many posts on this site and other “celebrity blogs” are purchased or traded via some mutual agreement.

      “If you publish these photos on your site and give my Instagram info, I’ll in turn mention your website on my Instagram.”

      It’s all a big manipulated circle jerk, but titties.


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