10 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Sexy (1 Photo)

  1. No

    Now she’s saying she was objectified in this part isn’t she?

    Or is that another film she’s talking about and she’ll bring this one up next year when she needs some publicity?

    1. snowjon

      She was talking about the first one directed by matthew vaughn. I really would love to here the full story. I believe everything she said about the process for the role, but the whole porn part I find unlikely.

    1. And lies stop bullshit children

      The reason why things go worse nowadays is because many dumb children adopted a dumb and wrong attitude, but its time to wake up and actually realize to stop with all this no sense misogyny attitude.
      And then thinking to improve nowadays.

  2. Aleric

    More X-Men Trash from Bryan “I Like Leather Boys” Singer, he is cancer to the franchise and the movies are trash supported by STUPID fanboys who throw money at shitty movies because they have superheroes in them.

  3. Andra

    And whatever lies based on jealousy could anybody say she’s a a humble and good person and you will better learn to think at your business than other people business you will understand it one day

  4. Spankmaster

    People, we are here to ogle the images, not to support or denigrate religious and political statements. That being said, the last time I was turned on by a woman of colour like this, it was Mila Kunis playing the witch in the prequel to Oz, where she was bright green. Hmmm, very sexy; stand back please, we have lift off…


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