16 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Braless (44 Photos)

  1. klawicki

    She is someone who doesn’t look good all glammed up. She looks better in just plain t-shirts and jeans. Not necessarily t-shirts and jeans, but dressed down clothes. When she is all glamorous, she looks like a kid playing dress up

  2. peter dobson

    I am a boob-guy. And i think her boobs needs a little more support to fight the gravity.
    Not too much but just a little lift.
    That would make her so much more hotter than she already is because i like her a lot.

  3. Spankmaster

    Doug, don’t listen to this pathetic arsehole who thinks she is a trash bag. I’m surprised that no one picked up on the fact that she went commando on this event and that it would have been incredibly worthwhile for a good breeze to blow through and show us all a truly expensive thrill. That being said, just like Sophia Loren, she will age beautifully and wonderfully to the detriment of all you could have been fuckwits who never got beyond licking you mothers dirty underwear clean. And I like traffic lights…


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