35 thoughts on “Ivi Pizzott Naked (47 Photos)

    1. questionman

      I love the double standard in these posts.Everyone insults the guy who insult blacks but its ok to insults white.If you gotta a problem with racist comments than condemn both.

  1. Sam Drillington IV

    Why does it take playboy in third world countries to actually do a proper “celebrity” pictorial. They should always show pussy, or else it’s just tits, and this one isn’t airbrushed like crazy. Loan’s playboy pictures were so airbrushed and photoshopped she might have just worn clothes.

  2. peter dobson

    Honestly normally I am that keen into coloured women but she is very beautiful and the icing on the cake must be her hairless pussy. Very very nice indeed!!!!!

  3. Taj

    Dont care about the nigga, but thats the PB I know. Model, skank, celeb or the madam president. They all must show the cuzinho!

  4. AJ

    Another rendition of gorillas in the mist. Now show me a nigga with a BBC and maybe I could give it a thumbs up…thumbs up his ass while I’m sucking on his cock.

  5. Fappy McFapperson

    Now *THAT* is a beautiful black body. None of that nasty Nikki Minaj-type shit with distended asses.


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