21 thoughts on “Iskra Lawrence Sexy (27 New Photos)

  1. AJ

    Damn, I love me some Iskra. Wish you would post more of these in stead of your dumb ass fame whore porn actress posts.

  2. BillyBlob

    You can put lipstick on a pig…or, in this case…a bikini on a cow….doesn’t make them ‘sexy’ except to crapper.

  3. Judge of Alll

    Not enough contrast between her ass and her tits to the rest of her body, if she gonna be extra thick I need to see that meat sticking out extra thick as well. She built like a damn near box, a little bit of ass but def not enough for her weight.

    I don’t see why she doesn’t just lose some weight, I know she is labeled as “a thick model” but seriously it wouldn’t destroy her image if she lost that weight and set a positive example to thick girls. Even though they might hate on her for losing weight they can’t really because how can you be mad that a bitch adopted healthier habits? If she can so can you.

    But for me losing that weight would give her the contrast she needs, just look at them pathetic titties for a big girl. You expect to be squeezing something but those nubs are the cringiest disappointment I’ve seen in a while. That ass would be nice if she lost a little more weight around it but right now it just look like standard issue. All that damn potential.


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