Iggy Azalea Sexy (59 Photos + Video)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Iggy Azalea is seen in a tiny bikini during a fun boat day with friends in Miami: twerking, singing, dancing and jet-skiing until dark, 08/06/2018.

The 28-year-old Australian rapper, who is obsessed with posting photos of her body, has famously insisted her curves are real despite her butt having noticeably increased in size in recent years. These twerking photos certainly suggest there is something strange going on!

Iggy enjoyed time on a jet ski between swimming and taking pictures with her phone. The group of friends left the harbor at 3pm and returned back to land at 10pm.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenewclassic/

35 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Sexy (59 Photos + Video)

  1. N0b0dy

    I think she doesn’t have them work on her cellulite so she can try & claim that ass isn’t bursting with the fat sucked out of her abdomen but it just comes across as obviously fake & still more disgusting than Kim or Demi. She’s tied with Blac Chyna or however the fuck you write a bullshit name like that.

    1. wow

      Are you implying Demi has a fake ass, or just that it’s gross? Either way, one of the dumber things I’ll see this week.

  2. LenTheWelsh

    She looks like one of them two brothers out of White Chicks. Everytime I see her I think of that film.

  3. JrSalami

    LOL….Iggy has NO SENSE….the hoe thinks she’s beautiful because she has tits and ass. The tits look nice(though store purchase)…that ass LOOK HORRIBLE…HORRIBLE looks like the ass of a 80 year old women was giving a BUTT IMPLANT…that loose skins, bumps, craters, etc were not CORRECTED…the ass skin was not even out.

    1. nacho

      NAW real cottage cheese comes out the vajayjay wen they got yeast :shudder:
      I know from first hand experience
      traumatized for life

  4. Megabigshaft

    Hold on the bitch said “ the fact I have to violate myself to block y’all from body shaming me”. Does any part of that make sense? You violate your self because your a attention whore who’s carrier ended 2015 and we body shame because your acting like a whore.

  5. Georgia97

    Hard to believe that she thinks that 50 pounds of chewed bubble gum hanging off her back side looks good.

  6. Oatmeal

    Assuming she gets pimped out to fat over weight rich dudes? Taking turns pounding out that bag of oatmeal on her back side. Absolutely gross. She has no shame.

  7. Nasty

    Looks like a bag of overstuffed hamburger meat. Some idiots think you need a gigantic ass to twerk, you don’t she needs to get that fixed so it doesn’t look like cottage cheese dimpled all over. That’s nasty

  8. questionman

    My god what a disgusting fake ass this woman has.What the fuck is wrong with our society that people think this is normal.

  9. L

    I respect if she see a point and maybe even likes her ass like that, but it looks totally over the top and so fake. Not beautiful in any way, and clearly does not even fit well with the rest of her body shape. I hope this “trend” or wtf is going on where women screw up their natural beautiful bodies will end ASAP.


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