35 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere Sexy (20 Photos)

  1. draff

    Dont get this Klitchko guy, shes extra small, fat, no ass, no shape, chubby legs. She is 6 at best. and he could easily go for 10.


    That’s what happens when they get liposuction on the legs and chin then start getting fat again. You see all the lines in the cellulite. She is in for a very rough time trying to make herself look good.

  3. Endgame

    Give the woman a break. She was hot as hell up to around 2 years when she had a baby then the worst thing I suppose that can happen to a woman, other than losing her baby of course, she ended up going though a bad case of postpartum depression. She’s got that, or getting that under control and I’m sure once again she’ll be worth giving a second look and more.
    Resonantly I don’t think it was fair to post her here looking that with the title Hayden Panettiere Sexy.
    At the moment she’s not which is pretty obvious.

  4. Humpback Herman

    Damn that giant sucked the life out of her. Wtf happened. One kid and she falls apart? Game over, good thing they have money.

  5. VR

    God, what the hell happened? Also why women can’t be 4’10. Put on 20 pounds, hack off some hair and and look like this.

  6. V82mp

    Love to see any of you useless fuckers to tell her man how ugly, fat, ass cheese etc etc she is…. He knock fuck out of everyone of you without breaking sweat!

    100% FACT!

  7. Shitty McShitDick

    Having that kid totally wrecked her. I can only imagine what a mess her vag is now. I bet it looks like a grenade exploded in a roast beef sammich. She really needs to never appear in public until she gets her shit under control. Otherwise she should change her name to Fatty McFattington and move to Bulgaria.

  8. WTF

    Time to change the name of this site to TheRudeMeanFappeningBlogForAssholes.com!
    Reading the comments here is fucking disgusting, wtf is wrong with some “people”. 🙁


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