19 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere Naked (3 Photos + Screenshot)

  1. andypandy

    Why do women still shave their legs when they can afford to have laser hair removal, and not shave ever for the rest of their lives.

    1. zach

      Laser hair removal doesn’t remove it forever you go back in every month or so to get another treatment it doesn’t stop it from growing just stunts it pretty mucj

      1. Juanjito

        they also tell you that you can’t sunbathe afterwards, wich is shitty since most laser hair removal adds features women with slim legs on the BEACH!!

      2. dermatologistjoe

        not truth… it takes some sessions to complete remove the hair… them it lasts several years before you you have to retouch it…
        you CAN sunbath after it… 1 month after the procedure…
        so… i do have the same question… why don`t they just remove it for good!?

        1. Jack

          The darker your hair and the lighter your skin (that’s what I’ve heard) the better it’ll work. So a very pale person with black hair might even need 1 session and her hair will be gone for good (or have to go back after years).

          A blonde person with dark skin on the other hand, laser might not even have any effect on her.

          Hayden is blonde.

  2. vyywern

    Shave the cheerleader.. Shave the world . I’ve wanted to say that for SO long. Never felt like the right moment until now.

  3. Blunt

    I won’t be back.
    This is total shit.
    You are grasping at straws and posting fake pictures.
    It’s over. Fuck you for not letting go.


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