28 thoughts on “Gillian Anderson Nude (5 Photos)

    1. SS

      Exactly! Its a known fact that peta is killing animals.

      Peta and that nazi fking b!tch founder just milk money out of ignorant – dumbass people.

  1. Moveem

    You’d rather go naked than wear fur…but don’t quite love animals enough to move your hands and show us he goods. I see how it is, Gillian. So what you’re really doing is virtue signalling.


    The fact that they cover themselves, makes this slogan stupid. If you’d rather go naked, then you shouldn’t be covering yourself, period. Makes this so illogical. Also, after this shoot, you just wear fur anyway so that’s more illogical garbage. Just stop PETA.

  3. sadasd

    fuck you gillian anderson for waiting 20 years till you’re old, skinny like a fuckikng african oxfam poster, and wrinkly like beef jerky.

  4. Fuck you peta pussy bitches

    This stupid bitch doesn’t even know peta murders alomst all animals brought to their “shelters” aka kill shelters. Peta kills over 90% of the animals people bring. They say having adoptable animals euthanized is the more human option then letting them get adopted. peta should euthanize themselves. Basically she supports the murders of all animals

  5. Ren

    I’d rather she’d just kill herself along with all these other sanctimonious celebrities. When’s Kim Jong-Un gonna do us all a favor and bomb the shit outa Hollywood?


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