Gigi Hadid Sexy (65 Photos)

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Model Gigi Hadid (23) is seen leaving her apartment in New York, 07/10/2018. Gigi kept it casual in a navy blue tank top without a bra, blue jeans, and a pair of beige heels as she carried a large Chanel handbag.


Model Gigi Hadid stops by the V Magazine offices in New York.
Pictured: Gigi Hadid

9 thoughts on “Gigi Hadid Sexy (65 Photos)

  1. JrSalami

    Much better looking than her sister or the Jenner whores…but doesn’t get the spotlight cause isn’t 100% into BLACK….like the other skanks.

    1. Big Dick Jerome Johnson

      Awwww you gonna cry little girl? The reason the other hot girls turn to BLACK is because all the mini dick white boys are busy being pussy message board trolls. Maybe you should try going outside once in a while little bitch.

  2. trump isanidiot

    So-so. She’s attractive. How she’s one of the top two or three models in the world is an utter mystery to me. Not into the moles or the super WHITE skin. Get a little sun Gigi.

  3. Joey G

    You know her nips are mad sensitive. She’d cum just by sucking on those fuckers. Def a tight ass too. Yumm


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