Georgina Leeming, Claire Olivier Nude – Virgin (19 Pics + GIFs & Video)

Check out the screenshots, gifs, and video compilation with actresses Georgina Leeming, Claire Olivier, etc. from Virgin (UK 2017).

It is a TV mini-series that helps 21-year-old virgin Ellie Kolstakis (Georgina Leeming) pop her pussy as early as possible. She wants to fuck while studying at University, but can she do it not for love? With a body like hers, we think Georgina can lose her virginity in no time.

This grade A dame is dashing as she wears a robe and holds a vibrator in one scene, showing a peak of cleavage. In another view, she gets on top of her shirtless guy as she wears her panties. Yum! Georgina shows us a little more when she is topless in a tub and arguing with a woman about shaving.

We don’t care what she shaves as long as she keeps letting us look at Georgina’s giant boobies. In another scene, Georgina climbs on top of a dude for sex as girl lubes up his dick and gives us a lot to look at regarding her breasts. She knows how to make a guy hard!






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12 thoughts on “Georgina Leeming, Claire Olivier Nude – Virgin (19 Pics + GIFs & Video)

  1. wawawe

    A movie about a girl struggling to get D? That’s laughable. Women being able to get D effortlessly whilst at the same time basically being able to control everything is exactly why there’s that whole ‘slut vs stud’ double standard. It’s easy being a slut, hard being a stud.

    1. a man

      Chill out wawawe, no need to patronize here

      Talking ’bout our main topic, I would fuck those breasts and lick that cunt good

    2. smartie

      And one reason why it’s harder to be a stud is because of dumb morons who are stupid enough to slutshame every girl that’s willing to put out, turning girls even more into prudes.


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