Further Emma Watson Research

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Here is another research about Emma Watson by “Emma Proof”. Part 1 is here.

As people assume that all the moles and birthmarks could be waterproof makeup I just concentrated on the shape of body parts. In order to judge the similarity to the leaked stuff I selected other actresses with similar body measures to “compete” with Emma. I chose other popular actresses so that I can get enough pictures to select from.

In my opinion Emma has the closed similarity to the leaks in every single category. That indicates that even when someone faked the moles and birthmarks it would have been nearly impossible to find someone (not being Emma) with these body parts.


60 thoughts on “Further Emma Watson Research

  1. SimpleJack

    Natalie Portman wins the game. I don’t know what the game is, but Natalie fucking wins it.

    And yes, this is an example of the obsessive tendencies of those on the spectrum.

  2. Lol

    Looks nothing like the comparison photo of her foot. It’s proof like a fake id is proof someone is 21.

  3. Jon

    He’s right though. Not that these pictures show much, as they are too blurry. But the feet especially.. and the ears.. and the tits/nipples. Her chin, especially her lips. Wanting to prove it so badly is the silly part. Not as bad as flat eathers or alien freaks, but still pretty bad. But if you can’t see that there is a strong likelihood that it’s Emma Watson in the leaked pics, you’re the one who’s retarded or stupid. Even the tone of the answers seem to point this way. There’s a lot of retards on this site and the obsessed person who made this comparison pic, isn’t the worst. The tards in the comments are usually worse. You guys play computer games for sure.

    1. Ed

      Hey, nothing wrong with playing Computer games, and this proof shit is no more a waste of time than most of what the average asshole does to pass the time (Watch tv shows etc). Each to their own, if you aint interested nobody is forcing you to come here.

    2. klawick

      Jon…if you wan to use a juvenile word like retarded, make sure you are not the one who fits the description. The feet CLEARLY are different. And in a way that wouldn’t be changed over time. And since that is really the only thing big enough to make any detail out in the blurry images, that is all you can go on. (I won’ even get into the fact that a woman who DIDN’T shave her pubic hair years ago is very unlikely to do so now that the bald trend is over. And hat includes closely trimmed.)

      1. Blindside

        Motherfucker (or, to be more precise: Fathersucker), the feet CLEARLY are EXACTLY the same. Wipe your dad’s cum off your eyes and look again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. E.P.

        The feet are exactly the same. The impression that they are shorter in the leaked video comes from the different angle. In the comparison pic she outstretches her foot whereas in the leaked video she pulls it a bit.

        If you use photoshop to adjust the perspective you can see that they have the same length (which I won’t do to avoid people going berzerk here :)).

        About the pubic hair:
        1. She also has pubic hair in the leaked video, which can clearly be seen. What can also be seen is that the shape is identical to the comparison pic. A nice triangle with the same upper edge. You get the impression that the pubic hair is less dense in the leaked video but that’s probably because It’s shot under water.
        2. Even if she had no pubic hair in the videos I’d not call it unlikely for a 18 year girl to keep pubic hair and to shave it while being 26. Maybe her current boyfriend likes it better that way.

        1. Mike Me

          The best piece of evidence that keeps getting overlooked is the birthmark about 3 inches to the left of her belly button. Look at pictures of her stomach to see it then look at the bath video and you can see it when her stomach is under an inch or two of water. I was skeptical until I saw that birthmark online and then went back to the video and sure enough it was there.

    3. Shawnhargrave

      simple question, if it is her why is the audio muted on one of the videos? The only reason is its not her and the person talked in the video.

  4. sexy Emma

    man just want to wank over emma , even if his own proof proves him wrong ,belly button wrong – ear wrong – pussy wrong tits wrong..man need to get a doll and be done with it.

  5. SoKo

    Look… There are enough pussy slips, nipple slips, ass slips out there. So who cares? Everybody knows what she looks like naked, at least the best parts. So I ask you…
    Who cares?

  6. klawick

    The only thing I take from this is…god damn it beautiful women..sop jamming your feet into high heels that are a size too small.. Every single one of those feet are horribly deformed. I’m talking like Chinese foot binding deformed.

  7. Ti

    Excellent job… pls continue the research, add higher quality images to chart so that we can also partake in our opinions

    1. zippo is a retard

      lol zippo the most obsessive compulsive poster on this site shows that self awareness is not one of his strengths

  8. Bubbs

    So it can’t possibly be a fake because it is definitely NOT these 5 other people? Are there 6 women in the world now?

  9. murphy fin

    ever see “The Imposter”? it’s the ears. The ears are the only way to match the identity.

  10. Shogun

    Emma Watson is pretty fuckin ugly, I don’t get the obsession with her. Looks like a prepubescent boy

  11. Morgan Freeman

    too many people obsessing about the OP. There are true fans for each celeb out there, including Emma. Those of us that love her as much as one may love Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian (blech), Taylor Swift, Beyonce or even Oprah for all I care, would love to wank off to some legit nudes of em. Stop losing your mind over how much time he has. I for one, enjoy the deduction that goes into these things. It’s a puzzle and the internet has the pieces. We all have our own thing, this is his and i’m cool with it cause I enjoy analyzing it. Take a chill pill. She looks like a boy to some like Nikki Minaj or Kim Kardashian look like they’re smuggling illegal immigrants in their butt cheeks. We all have our own opinions, let’s all accept that the very fact that we’re on this site means we can all be judged for our choices. At least this isn’t 4chan (shudders).

    1. Mac

      100% agree. and I notice that many of the people bitching *ahem zippo cough* are the same ones who have a tantrum if someone posts something they dont like about one of their favorite women and tells them to skip past the post and stop wasting their time commenting. Fucking hypocrites.

  12. Sam

    The people defending it is not her are those who have kept saying she is a good actress since HP. WAKE UP!

  13. jimmy

    The bathtub videos are 100% real, the emma shills flood in to deny the obvious every time.

    The initial autistic Sherlock Holmes detectives already proved it months ago. They matched every single scar and birth mark to her. They’re autistic as fuck and have way too much time on their hands, nobody is denying that part.

  14. fapper13454364364

    Some comments say one of the videos has no audio. This is wrong. They both do, though much quieter in one.

  15. MrLoverLover

    It is definitely her. The foot shape is the first clue looking st the comparison. The second is the war and mouth, and the most perfect one is the tits in the last pic. The position and shape are the exact same and the bonus is they are taken from the exact same angle. Emma Watson is notorious for having big nipples, when you look at slip pics.

    It is nice to know that it is emma, I don’t see the problem in the investigation myself. Surely people would rather gap knowing it’s her then something that only may be her.

  16. Buzzkill

    Check the EXIF you gullible hornballs – not even the same phone.
    And if that’s not enough, use your brain. Who carries around an SD card with 112 photos of themselves trying out clothes and, for some reason, 2 nude videos and 1 nude photo with face carefully hidden…?

    It’s fake, deal with it!


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