whats with all th click-bait titles on the main site?

Discussion in 'Suggestions on blog and forum' started by ade foss, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. ade foss

    ade foss New Member

    whats with all the click-bait titles on the main site?
    not to mention the titles say video and its a stupid slideshow.
    If u read the comments below the post
    u can c how pissed people r getting about it
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  2. CelebritySin

    CelebritySin New Member

    Couldn't have said it better. ..get the intern off the keyboard and go back to how it was...y'all got a bad enough rep for being the site that you are, now you're no better than any other sleazebag blog on the internet
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  3. shoutr

    shoutr New Member

    yeah. "almost fappening" bullshit. -> no. Fappening is leaked picture/video of a celebrity. Instagram pics of a nobody is not a fappening, naked picture of a porn actress is not fappening. and what's the fucking point of having picture of a porn actress here when you can see whole porno of them ??
    Instagram -> not fappening.
    "almost fappening' still not fappening. See ? it's simple. Or change the name of your website to "random picture of sometimes almost naked wannabes" and disappear among the thousand other shitty lookalike websites.
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  4. MPETE

    MPETE New Member

    So friggin frustrating.
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  5. shoutr

    shoutr New Member

    So much better. Else crapper got his shit right elseit's a different guy under the same posting account.
    No more false fappening or "almost fappening" shit. Instead little bit of trivia or context and info, and no clickbaiting. good.
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  6. Exmortius

    Exmortius New Member

    whats up with the main site, it redirects me to a search page.
  7. Beth22

    Beth22 Active Member

    They're bloody dreadful. I doubt we'll get an answer. But it's quite a shame to see the main site resorting to the type of posts it is now