NEW wwe diva leaked

Discussion in 'Deleted' started by Dtselec29, May 21, 2018.

  1. Dtselec29

    Dtselec29 Active Member

    Any one got these new diva photos and vids yet ??
  2. Jabber89

    Jabber89 New Member

  3. Dtselec29

    Dtselec29 Active Member

    Are you going to post them
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  4. BearPirate

    BearPirate Active Member

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  5. Dhouse9881

    Dhouse9881 Active Member

    Yes if you say please instead of assuming he won’t
  6. Dtselec29

    Dtselec29 Active Member

    No need to be like that is there
  7. Dtselec29

    Dtselec29 Active Member

    Please could someone post the videos
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  8. Devinrc01

    Devinrc01 New Member

    Any word on who it is?
  9. BearPirate

    BearPirate Active Member

    We all have them. Except you.
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  10. Dhouse9881

    Dhouse9881 Active Member

    I don’t have them either. Post them guys
  11. Kabler

    Kabler New Member

    why the fuck did you post this thread?
  12. Stanton Paublo

    Stanton Paublo New Member

    I have no clue what youre talking about. If your talking about Paige, go to CelebJihad. Otherwise, no clue.
  13. alaska

    alaska New Member

    It’s Zelina Vega. The manager to Andrade Almas on smackdown. Leaked yesterday, I’m assuming this is who he’s referring to.
  14. Devinrc01

    Devinrc01 New Member

    Damn, I was hoping we got the reported bayley leakes early
  15. cd79

    cd79 Active Member

    Why did that Thea Trinidad thread disappear?
  16. Dodgydave

    Dodgydave New Member

    Should've posted this in the Requests forum ya stupid dicksplash.
  17. Uhhkuhhh

    Uhhkuhhh New Member

    You guys need anger management and sexual therapy Jesus Christ he probably doesn’t understand how the forum operates
  18. Wingwingdallooo

    Wingwingdallooo New Member

    Dude if you want the Bayley leaks...

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