11 thoughts on “FHM Official Calendar 2018 Philippines

  1. AJ

    Big fucking deal. Now, had this been a Philip-penis calendar, i would have been truly thankful and my tiny nub would’ve been bloody and chaffing from all the excitement.

    1. Apocalypse

      the world could do without ungrateful, racist, moronic faggots like you.. i’d be so happy to put a bullet in your empty skull

      1. AJ and Grateful for little dicks like you^^

        I have a magic bullet if you want to try it up your ass. I know you want it; otherwise, you wouldn’t have tried that weak attempt at macho bullshit. I get it, your dick is tinier than mine. Embrace the homo and stop pretending to be something you’re not.

        1. Manyakol

          Oi AJ HOMO!! Only a faggot would come up with dickless comments like yours… just appreciate the pussies in front of you and stop posting gay comments like you’ve been doing you good-for-nothing homo a-hole

  2. Aviator

    9 out of 10 from these look like white girls, that´s fucking creepy. Besides that, if that are the prettiest girls available on the Phillipines all the others have to look like Shrek.

    1. Muh Filipino Pride

      Filipinos (and especially Filipinas) are the biggest white-worshipping Asians around. Every single one of them will try to claim Spanish heritage even though very few actually have Spanish blood. Skin whitening products are very popular and only the vaguely white looking people (or white-mixed) get elevated into celebrity status. It’s all very sad shit.

  3. Worldly

    R A C I S T S ! ! ! why not let others just appreciate the different beauties of the different countries. Every country has their very own beauty. Orientals, Latinas, Caucasians, Ebonies, Middle Easterns, etc… luv ’em all.


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