44 thoughts on “Fake or Not: Sarah Hyland

  1. Jimmyk

    Let’s not start this shit being a thing.
    I visit thefappening because it doesn’t bother with fakes.

      1. Chez

        Haha, I looked into this and you’re right – my bad. Maybe this is a picture of Sarah Hyland after all? XD

  2. AJ

    Is it possible for a moderator to be a troll? Yes, it sure is. Anything to get those clicks going for your adds. You’re one stupid asshole if you actually think that anyone out here actually believed this is real.

  3. Marine Le Penis

    I can confirm this, without a shadow of doubt, to be 100% true. Many figmental NEWS agencies have confirmed this to be true as well. Hopefully there’s more to come.

  4. Ericcartmenez

    But how do you know the Ukrainian erotica model isn’t the fake and the Sarah Hyland one is real?

  5. Yeah it's "real"

    It’s real like Monopoly money. Did you think it was real? That’s as sad as idiots who think girls with nice tits have implants cause they’re ignorant losers.

  6. Howdy

    The two pictures are not the same, the ukrainian’s skin in way more pink. I think they just happen to possess the same scarf

  7. i am being really serial

    OH Come on guys its obviously real!
    Just look at it who else could that be?! That other picture is the fake… As a disctraction!
    do you guys really think moderator here would post a FAKE picture?! Come on!
    Now excuse me while i go enjoy this obviously real picture! Aferwards i ll enjoy the Ariel sextape!!


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