23 thoughts on “Eva Longoria Sexy (31 Photos+ Video)

  1. Wiggles

    Out of all the beautiful and naked women in the world, how the fuck did these pictures make the cut? Buhhhh

  2. Male Genius

    She put on weight and she knows it. It’s sad because she’s still hot af. Too bad her tits stayed tiny.

  3. kulviks

    she reached an age where she realised looks isnt everything, also she isnt really that fat, but i guess in the eyes of all you perfectly fit internet guys she is 🙂 she is still hot in my eyes.

    1. TStark17

      Is she hot for a women at the beach? Sure ok. Is she a sex symbol and it girl as she once was? Nope. She’s fallen far from supermodel level at her peak.. to the second option you pick at the end of the night at the bar.

    2. ss

      ….then you should have your eyes checked.

      She has the body of a 50 year old women with 3 child’s…. and has no child’s nor she is 50… so…. everything you see there is fooooood fat + lack of exercise.

      1. kulviks

        awww so many butt hurt kids in here, better go back to the gym, the time it took you guys to type this, you could have been burning calories, you dont wanna end up at fat camp again do ya haha

    3. Be Realistic

      42, 5 ft nothing and shes barely making tv appearances. What’s Demi Rose Mawby going to look like at 42? Kim K looks horrific now and she’s still only mid 30’s. All the young kids on this comment board have no appreciation for how down hill women go as they get older. Smash all the 20 somethings you can while you can boys…. you aren’t living in reality if you expect a 42 year old, seriously short, older woman to not be struggling to keep the fat off.

  4. JuanPepe

    Who gives a sh*t that she’s a bit overweight? I would love dig out that ass out…. I swear, even at her age, I would put a baby in her!


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