Emma Watson Sexy – Colonia (2015) HD 1080p

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New screenshots and sexy clips with Emma Watson from Colonia (2015). Possible body double. Emma Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. Age: 26 (15 April 1990).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emwatson

Emma Watson Sexy 1

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19 thoughts on “Emma Watson Sexy – Colonia (2015) HD 1080p

  1. No


    That’s some hot shoulder action right there.

    I mean she must finally be coming out of her shell if she’s going as far as to be showing her bare shoulders.

    In her mid 20s. Really extreme stuff.

    1. Ima fool

      don’t be a fool that a body double shoulder for sure. emma too classy to ever go full shoulder

      Also I love how we rag on miley and the other ho’s for being ho’s and then get pissed when girls don’t show skin. Irony for the win

      1. jimmy

        There is a big difference between classy nudes for a role, and behaving lower a $2 gutter skank all the time with hairy armpits and shitty tattoos.

        1. lakawak

          Whether it is “classy” nudes for a role or not, not everyone wants to do it for any reason. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

      2. No

        There’s gotta be balance dude.

        Eva Green is naked in movies once a year pretty much. Nobody rags on her because it’s awesome. Miley was releasing skanky pics every few days at one point. It was all shock value attention seeking and generally considered disgusting.

        Likewise there’s other actresses who haven’t gone nude such as Anna Kendrick who nobody rags on because they’re not taking movie roles which REQUIRE nudity then getting directors to cut the scene or demanding body doubles like Emma Watson or Natalie Portman.

        1. lakawak

          The people casting her know that she is not going to do the nudity. So she is not insisting on anything getting cut or a body double. They know that the second they cast her.

  2. Hmmm

    The words “Emma Watson” and “Possible body double” are starting to become synonymous with each other.

    Almost like “French” and “cowards”.

      1. pboi

        or ‘Bandit’ and ‘douchebag’ (actually u can just fill in the blank…jackass, racist, asshole, fuckface, dickwad, dumbass, bitch, cocksucker, sperm-bucket, well u get the picture…maybe not ur also an idiot

        1. Riccy Diangilo

          hahahahahahahahahahahahha maybe Bandit should do a nude photo shoot with all the attention he’s getting hahahhahahahahahaha 😛

        2. lakawak

          He’s got a point however. Black males aged 15-35 make up just THREE PERCENT of the population. Guess what percent of all murders (and also violent crime in general) they commit. Over 50%. 3% committing over 50% of the crime.

          That is like going to a casino and watching a roulette wheel for a few days non-stop and seeing that in 1000 spins, it came up 18 on about 550 times. IF that happened, you would be an IDIOT to not bet in 18 every spin. Because there is a defect in that wheel that is causing the ball to land on 18 way more than it should. And sadly, this analogy is pretty accurate. The percentage of young black males is about the same as one wedge on a roulette wheel. About 3%.

          Ignoring facts doesn’t make them go away. On the contrary, it makes them get worse. 20 years or so ago, that percentage was less than 50%. But since we can’t talk about it and ADDRESS THE REAL ISSUE with crime, that number keeps going up. To the point where now, the leading cause of death (by far..about half of all deaths) for black men aged 15-39 is “OTHER BLACK MEN!” Not accidents. Not cancer or suicide. Like EVERY other demographic. But murdered by black men. For some comparison…for white men of the same age group, murder is less than 5%.

        3. John

          Bandit’s stalker pboi is back right on cue. Even trolls arent as pathetic as you, hunting every comment section looking for a bandit comment to reply to with your 8th grade insults.

    1. Riccy Diangilo

      “French” and “cowards” ???? I think you need to look back at historic battles and see how many the French have been in and won.

  3. ballen

    she have a standard contract that say no nudity, so only chance is to look at the pics she takes her self and she will leak when her celebrity fade

  4. Emma Naked

    If the movie title was “The Emma Watson Gets Naked Project” she would use a body double.
    Look only for “accidental” public nudity.


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