29 thoughts on “Emma Watson Sexy (17 Photos)

    1. John

      On a serious note, photographically these pictures are pretty poor. Uninteresting poses, far too much vignetting on most of them, and Watson herself conveys no emotions at all as a model – just like a pulseless wax doll.

  1. AJ

    Doug, trust me, quit while you’re a HEAD. All good things come to an end. Take my advice bro.
    As for this set of so called “sexy” pics……PLEASE!!!!!!! The Craphead at his best posting any shit he can get his hands on.

  2. Meh

    She had a period around 19 – 21 where she was beautiful. Now she looks like she’s made out of all hard angles and freckles.

  3. DK54

    She is well on her way down the slide to mediocrity and fugliness. She hasn’t been “sexy” in ten years. Another Kristen Stewart clone. In other words, there is nothing here to make her interesting.

  4. Sven

    Emma is a beautiful girl, well dressed as well… but sexy? Not sure about that, Jennifer Lawrence is sexy, probably Kristen Stewart is sexy, but Emma Watson… I don’t think so.

  5. jerome

    doug, rules

    fuckin guy is gangster

    he needs to know everyones ages an nationallity

    as annoying as everyone else is…… doug constantly makes me laugh

    whats your nationallity and age????? -doug

    doug rules!!! FUCK EVERYONE ELSE in the ARSE Hole!!!!

  6. Doug

    Ah, TFB, people either really love me or really hate me, and the sun will always be rising and setting, and the years will come and go, nevertheless, its all good (unless someone murders me)


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