Emma Watson Nude (4 Photos + Video + Gif)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Screenshots from new “Regression” (2015) movie with Emma Watson (as Angela Gray). Possible body double. What do you think? Emma Watson is an English actress, model, and activist. Age: 25 (15 April 1990).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emwatson


Emma-Watson-Nude-2 Emma-Watson-Nude-3 Emma-Watson-Nude-4



Download video (1080p).

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Body double?

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44 thoughts on “Emma Watson Nude (4 Photos + Video + Gif)

  1. DD1982

    its a body double, cause there is no faceshot of hers. and its dark and the bad lighting. its to cover up that its obviously a body double.

  2. TJ Hag

    Body doubles are the fucking worst. If you’re an actor or actress and don’t wanna do nudity, don’t take roles that require them. It’s like hiring a crying double cause you can’t cry on screen. If I was the director I would have said no body double or you’re fired, simple as that. Do the job you’re being paid for.

    1. jkfa87

      That is NOT the only reason why body doubles are used. Any times body doubles are used even when he actress is willing because even if they are beautiful, the particular body part that is being shown is not their best part and the DIRECTOR makes the call for the body double.

      1. Lemming

        Yeah, sure, but that’s not the case here, so…. Can you say off topic? Or do you think she is hiding some deformity that you magically can’t see thru her skimpy outfits?

  3. Nick

    Why would a feminist be in this scene, let alone support a scene like this. Just because sex is a thing, doesn’t mean it needs to have an audience.

      1. Les

        They are only anti sex if it is about men enjoying sex. Pornography for men and sex toys for men are “degrading” towards women. But if its about women enjoying sex then its “empowering”. Fucking hypocrites.

    1. tom

      So Nick, as a feminist why would she make some other poor unknown girl “object” herself ? wouldn’t the proper stand be to not be in the film rather than to consider yourself above the rest of your race you consider yourself to be a champion of? I guess only elitist women can be true feminists if some women aren’t protected by feminists themselves huh?

      1. Mark

        How cute of you to be a cuckold of Emma. She will happily take your $$$ While you advance her gynocentric bullshit. Hope you enjoy being a slave.

  4. retardobullshit

    teased for months and then it’s a body double? of course it is but still… fuck hollywood and fuck emma watson for pretending to be a feminist and allowing her nude debut to be a selling point for this caca.

  5. Endgame

    Personally I think it’s ridiculous that any if the actors, male or female would use a body double when their character requires them to strip down. Fine I suppose if you have a body that would make the average person lose their dinner but wtf. If people are going to believe it’s you, it may well be you.
    But without a doubt this is a double. This girl thinks herself being way above showing her body off the general public.

    1. No

      Probably won’t find out until the producers accept that nobody is falling for it and announce the name of the double. Like they did with Game of Thrones.

      Oh and yeah Emma is a fucking coward of an actress.

      1. jkfa87

        Dude…LISTEN to yourself. You are SO hard up to see pixelated nudity that you hate people who don’t show it to you. Save up your McDonalds paychecks and PAY someone to take your virginity. You be much more well adjusted.

        1. jesus

          lol at you idiots, all callin each other virgin and mcdonalds workers. you realize youre sitting home trying to get a glimpse at a part of a nipple, instead of out having a life? lol the pot shouldn’t call the kettle black.

  6. Johnny

    First thought that crossed my mind when I read the title is “Body double”. First glance, I thought “Yup, body double.”

    They use someone like Emma Waton’s “nude scene” to generate a shitload of hype and gain tons of free advertisement across the internet, only for us to find some random chick that doesn’t look anything like Emma in a dark room, without showing anything.

    That is so dishonest. They’ve done this several times already.

  7. Inigo Montoya

    The breasts appear to be about the same, but that woman’s ass above is way too nice and round to be Watson. Watson’s pretty, but she doesn’t have that ass.

  8. emmafucker

    It has been reported on several big news sites that this movie is going to have Emma’s first nude scene. I am not convinced that this is the scene in question though since they seemed to go out of the way to hide her face, but she is supposed to be topless in this movie.

  9. ballen

    not emma, this girl above have way to much fat on her ass and too big hips to be emma


    terry already got the evidence

    From IMDB

    Paulina Piwowarek … fit model: emma watson

  10. FindMuck

    Look at the mole on her back. About the same location except this body double seemed to have the most bigger mole.

    But her ass ain’t the same as Emma’s.

  11. Someone

    In this gif you can see for a moment that her clothes were removed via computer. There is a moment when you can see fabric on her upper body.

  12. theeagle1968

    Perhaps see the movie before you comment on it. It is not a body double, as it IS NOT EVEN HERE CHARACTER! The actress is Kate Stephey, playing the major character of Young Satanist Woman. At no point was this supposed to be Angela Grey (Emma Watson’s character).

  13. Doug

    Any of you dipshits figure out what the movie is about? No, its not about satanic cults. The films is actually about how American society is so easily caught up in moral pandemics and starts to hallucinate when there is nothing there and you are just being a delusional moron.


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