14 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Topless (2 New Photos)

  1. nacho

    Damn that ho has an enlarged head.

    On the first pic scroll so you cut off the mouth, just seeing eyes and nose and it looks like a man

  2. Perfect Body

    STFU all you faggots who think Emily is too thin or stupid shit like that. Her body is almost perfect, how many thin babes have bigg perky tits like that? That’s an incredible combination.

    It’s her subpar face that’s the damn problem!!!

    1. turdsandwich

      Those recent nude pics of her she was way skinnier though. If she starts getting too skinny or her weight starts fluctuating, it would kill her perfect tits. That would be a crime against humanity. Look what happened to Alison Brie. Titties don’t handle drastic weight loss well.


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