12 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Sexy (13 Photos + GIF)

    1. Butterface

      And if there is, I hope they superimpose a black bar to censor her face, no one wants to see that. Would love to see a tittyfuck though.

  1. Richy

    Ratcow and Hadid. If there was a Kardashian in the mix, it would be the full trifecta of the Axis of Evil, Ugly and Disgusting Trash. Kate Moss disgusts me too by the way. But Emily “Butterface” Ratcowski is still the most undeserving famewhore of them all.

  2. Michael Ridley

    Wow, so some of these photos are from “July 2018”? What kinda of camera setup did you use to take them? A DeLorean?

  3. pboi

    Ahhhh there’s all the butt ugly virgins calling EmRat a ‘butterface’, just because you will NEVER have shot at her doesn’t mean u have to be bitter little bitches


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