24 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Sexy (1 New GIF)

  1. The Oracle

    Emily – “I can’t get an acting job because my boobs are too big.”

    No bitch. You can’t get an acting job because you can’t act. There are numerous women on TV and in mainstream movies who have much bigger tits and still get regular gigs.

  2. pboi

    WOW, no ‘Butterface’ comments??? either you all realize that she looks amazing or all the cocksucking, ass-licking, butt packers haven’t got on yet, since those are the douchebags who thinks that she’s ugly….and the fact that they prefer guys and cocks

    1. Baller

      We just have a better taste than you.. I maybe would even hit her when i was too horny but there are so many cuter women.. without rat face

  3. Summer's 2000s

    And Emily show that’s just normally and good respect he free time’s benefits
    Summer’s to enjoy these days 😀


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