12 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski See Through & Sexy (3 Photos)

    1. Grammar'd

      I disagree. When you say “apologies to anyone who was effected” by the hacking of her Snapchat, what she is saying is that she apologizes to anyone who was created or born due to the hacking of her Snapchat. She clearly meant to apologize to anyone who is born after people fuck like rabbits to her Snapchat pictures (which I assume the half of you who aren’t constantly complaining about her “butterface” probably are doing as we speak).

      Other examples of the word “effected” used similarly would be:
      The 2016 election effected Donald Trump’s presidency.
      Mary Anne Macleod Trump effected Donald Trump.
      Reddit effected Dolan Duck.

    2. Ben Dejo

      OMG and she was born in England… How could a child born in the shadow of #10 ever make a mistake? Have any of you ever heard a true cockney speak and can you understand them when they’re speaking using their rhymes? Have you ever heard a true scouse speak? Have you ever heard somebody from the west country speak? Why is it nearly impossible for for some people to understand Guy Martin when he speaks? They’re speaking English aren’t they?


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