25 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Nude (2 New Pics)

  1. Pooper

    What the fuck is wrong with her lips? I think she need some doctor to take a look at those abnormal things.

    1. Dodgydave

      So funny seeing idiots on here calling her a “butterface” when they couldn’t get a women even half as good looking as she is.

  2. dET

    Who fucking cares? We have seen every stained inch of this cunt. She was interesting for five minutes. Now she should just fuck off and marry one of the many rappers who have passed her around.

  3. Faggy Faggerson

    If you profess to find this face “beautiful” you’re either a delusional faggot or a fucking liar.

  4. Onethink

    Who fucking cares about all your bad comments, That was interesting for five minutes. Now you should just fuck off and post positives comments to womaen you like. What do you gain about always spitting bad ones, about being negative!!?? Pathetics persons…

  5. Langsmurf

    I still find her relevant.
    Not the best, but not the worst either. She still has some qualities to share…
    Let’s have her do some good old doggy, with a heavy cream pie.

  6. Don

    Are you that fucking retarded? Neither of those pics are nude. NEITHER, YOU FUCKING CUNT! STOP MAKING FALSE HEADLINES!

  7. Bob

    Yes she’s rich and famous and has a hot body and wouldn’t give me the time of day, but I’d tell her to her face that those lips have become an abomination.


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