50 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore Leaked Nude Video

  1. Bob

    It’s not Drew Barrymore but she’s still hot. Not the same tattoo I’m sure and sure looks younger. It seems it is Hilary Duff.

  2. sac

    Not Drew Barrymoore, this site is getting pathetic making things up, im out of here, found a site with the real pics and no fakes

  3. Dan

    Have you people ever seen Drew Barrymore? and No that’s not Alicia Silverstone either. I have no clue who that is though. But she does look familiar.

  4. pete

    Oh my god dont people bloody read the password is at the top of the page where you download the bloody file and its not Drew Barrymore the site has taken to ripping things from other places and saying its a leak.

  5. Igor


    Reale, are you so dumb that you persistently seek password although the password is written above for some hundred times … jesus.

  6. luke ozvik

    It’s not Drew, and I’m laughing at all those coming up with suggestions of alternate celebrities… It’s not a celebrity, it’s just an attractive woman in the shower (never a bad thing, but not a celebrity).


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