5 thoughts on “Doutzen Kroes Sexy (33 Photos)

  1. BoneHer

    Damn sexy woman with a beautiful face, great ass and toned figure. Lacks boobage, but hey.. She’s a Vic secret model!

    1. nutsforsluts

      I agree! But shouldn’t your tits get bigger after pregnancy? She used to have a nice pair, not huge but decently sized. And now they’re almost completely gone! Very similar to Jessica Biel by the way. This is just so sad!

  2. dad

    Amazing body, but a disaster of an ass. So disappointing. And these guys who hang around SoBe and take pics of these women are fucking CREEPY.

    1. AJ

      Disaster of an ass? Are you a blind daddy? Her ass is perfect. If there’s anything to comment about it may indeed by her tits, but hey, I’m an ass man. She has some nice perky nipples, which are more than enough for me. I think she’s close to perfect and at least natural.


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