21 thoughts on “Doutzen Kroes Naked (4 Photos)

  1. Weezy Jetson

    Damn that’s a nice dutch cooter. I’d like to try to navigate that fjord. It looks like it might create suction and get such on my pelvis, leaving a hickey.

      1. Cartman Beavis

        A fjord is a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, as in Norway, Denmark, Netherlands and Iceland, which is both where she is from and is what her pussy looks like. I thought it was a hilarious metaphor. Don’t be so quick to call someone a douchebag, asshole.

          1. Bouchedag

            With all due respect and deference to my Dutch bretheren, it looks like there is at least one fjord in the Netherlands which is located precisely between her legs! Those are some steep walls!

        1. AJ

          Cartman, you’re definition of a fjord is correct. However, there are no fjords in the Netherlands. Trust me, I know because I’ve lived there for many years and while they may have many dikes and bicycles, there is not one fjord. See link for more info.

  2. Flyinng Hollander

    I think this pics are the real stuff.
    The moles are right, the shape of her hands, fingers and nails and the ring (looked up some pics).
    I think Doutzen Kroes is extremely pretty but far to skinny.
    Her ass is ok though…:)
    Not my piece of cake… she is nowhere in my wishlist of girls to have sex with.
    I prefer Jennifer Lawrence or Kate Upton.
    All my personal taste of course..:)

  3. mmhm

    i found a way to prove they are real photos
    and its by matching nail shapes of these photos with the others for example on google images
    i checked and they are 100 percent true and real !!!!!!!

  4. chris plantinga

    Hi guys im from the dutch (proof)
    Hallo jongens ik kom uit nederland en doutzen is geboren in eendrachten een plaatsje i friesland waar ik ook woon :

    Translate it with google translate


  5. Andreas

    she’s Dutch and it may or may not be her canal, who cares cause it’ll never freeze over to go ice skating on….that poesje looks a bit like Hope Solo’s…..pretty clam……


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