7 thoughts on “Diane Kruger Sexy (31 Photos)

  1. Taj

    Offscreen or onscreen this redneck looks the same. I bet he eats swollen maggots for breakfast too and for dinner sucks pinworms out of krugers ass. So much for getting into the character.

  2. NoFatChicks

    You see that look you’re getting from Daryl in that first pic? That means the crossbow is about to come out, motherfucker.

  3. AJ

    You can tell from the look in that white bum’s eyes that he’s thinking….”God, I would love to attack her”. Nothing as dangerous as a homeless white asshole.

    1. AJ the nig nog with no hog

      Actually, there is something worse. When they freed slaves and let them read and right. We could’ve easily taught the other animals to speak also. Planet of the apes in real time.


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