23 thoughts on “Demi Rose Sexy (14 Photos)

    1. ^TajTosser^

      If only you were worth as much as that too, Taj.
      But you’re not.
      You’re just a guy masturbating on his own to pictures like this and then being derogatory about them.
      Sad sad little man,

  1. Jesper

    Never understood what people see in such a big ass and hips i like all of her but that big ass, looks so out of place on her body.

    1. Sisko

      Its a nigger thing. A big ass reminds thoss fucking baboons of some good ole jenkem. Her ass is too big that her shit probably smears between her cheeks on the way out.

      1. Ditto that

        Lol. You got that right. Bet that ass is so big when the shot smears, it’s there for a while. Probably need a cleaning crew in there. Maybe Lou is up to it.

  2. AJ

    Actually her sets and pictures are quite predictable to the point that they are becoming quiet boring. All the same, all in a bikini, all in a dental, ultimately showing that disproportionate ass of hers. Maybe even a good thing she didn’t this time, for a change, We already know what that looks like. She has to take it to the next level like Maitland did…..

  3. Can'tStandNiggerLovingWhores

    What a ugly fake ass nigger loving bitch. Big fake ass that looks as worse as iggy nigger loving ass. Big fake tits. She’s more fake and plastic filled than a goddamn Barbie doll. Hell just stick your dick in a Barbie doll and you can say you had sex with this ugly baboon cunt. As for tajtosser or whatever, I think you’re in the wrong website kiddo. Take your plastic nigger loving ass on somewhere. Anyone who likes this chick needs some mental help. Because if you like this, that means you like fake bitches that are made up of more plastic than actual skin and natural.

    1. AJ

      Hell, you have some issues. Did you catch your momma in the act getting fucked by a BBC? Or perhaps the same happened to your daddy in prison? You’ll just have to live with it, my friend, because they will be around for a looooooooong time still. You could of course jump off a building, relief yourself from the pain your in and make a positive contribution at the same time. Go for it!

      1. Hypocrit

        Since you have your own serious issues, maybe you should take that same advice. Last thing a porn site needs is a two bit hypocrit.

          1. Pedo AJ is still a hypocrite

            Lame retort as usual, but we don’t expect much from pedo AJ. You keep recycling your same old nonsense. It’s amusing seeing how often your absolute stupidity is on display.

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