10 thoughts on “Cora Schumacher Nude (12 Photos)

  1. lodogo

    I would imagine some dude like ralf would marry someone who doesnt look like a run down porn chick… but hey what do i know

  2. MamaPapaHatSchnapsGesoffen


    No. Cora ist his Ex-Wife.
    Titel must be like “Cora Schumacher is a German magazine model who !WAS! married F1 racer Ralf Schumacher.”

    They are divorced. But Nobody in the World knows the “real Name” of Cora.. so she wears “Schumacher” ..
    Ralf is “bad”, only god for Money. And his Name.

    1. Name112

      However she seems to be a great bitch and being quite fuckable if you ve cash
      Why not
      These bitches are all same, 3 holes…

  3. Spankmaster

    Here’s your typical playboy model, with just enough fake stuff to keep you interested as you fap eagerly to her images. And in a hundred years time, we will honestly say who gives a fuck…


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