11 thoughts on “Claudia Romani (9 Sexy Photos)

  1. Not Impressed.

    Don’t want to sound needy… but this pictures suck.

    She used to have all sorts of sexy pictures and now she barely does anything.

  2. brazilian boy

    no photos of her ass or asshole ??? this is considered an offense to Brazilians !!!! (in Brazilian culture, the butt is the main part of a woman). if there is no image of her ass that is too boring. :'(

  3. AJ

    All images posted of Jay Leno’s daughter have become boring quiet some time ago. No variation, no imagination, so predictable. If you want an asshole shot, just google her name and you’ll find at least 10.000 images, easily. Nothing new there.

  4. "Rick...coral your moms dead"

    Between the Latin gay men and the virgin living in moms basement, you overlook the fact that all these women are sexy, they just post too much.


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