Charlotte McKinney Nude (Photo by Randall Slavin)

New nude covered photo of Charlotte McKinney by Randall Slavin, from Instagram, 09/26/2016. Great preview! Charlotte McKinney is an American model and actress (Punching Bag (2015)). Height: 171 cm. Age: 23 (August 6, 1993).


Charlotte McKinney Nude

7 thoughts on “Charlotte McKinney Nude (Photo by Randall Slavin)

  1. the dude

    Come on, guys – how is it nude? That’s like saying I’m nude when I wear shorts and a muscle shirt. Here’s a rule of thumb for future use of nudity descriptions: topless=completely bare nipples; see through means I can see actual nipples or vag or butt through something (pokies don’t count, and I’m not sure aureolas with no nipple button count either); butt means actual crack is exposed, since the crack is the nudity; vagina means actual vulva lips, inner or outer (pubic hair is not vagina; neither are vulval lips, for that matter, but close enough); pubes means pubes; nude means full exposure of both nipples and pubic hair or vulva lips (I will also accept full exposure of nipples and naked vulva with no exposed lips, since technically that is nude); camel toe means an actual wedge of something deep into those vulva lips that clearly show the outline of what she looks like under there (wet swimsuit cameltoes are generally the only cameltoes worth showing) – camel toe does not mean a woman in a bikini with no deep wedgie in her front crack.

    Thanks, as always, for taking my comments seriously.


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