13 thoughts on “Charisma Carpenter Nude (21 Photos)

  1. Jonno

    Just think, all the boys who’ll be having one off the wrist over these photo’s will have been in nappies when they were taken.

    Lovely tits, wonder what they look like now.

    1. Buck

      She was in a movie called Bound in 2015. She got very naked in this movie. They’re still quite spectacular.

    2. toyman72

      Track down the movie “Bound” which came out around the same time as the first 50 Shades movie. It’s basically a knock-off starring her. They look nice.

    3. anonyblah

      Check out the movie “Bound”. Basically a direct-to-DVD/Stream knockoff of “50 Shades Of Grey”, and she’s naked/topless through half of it. Came out in 2015, so fairly recent.

  2. TheMoreYouKnow

    Cool boobs. Too bad she actually looks like shit in person and is an awful human being. Kinda ruins it for me.

  3. HornyThrob

    This shoot was done less than a year after she gave birth. Amazing.
    I wonder what the tits looked like before then – the dark nips are probably because of pregnancy or breastfeeding

  4. claude

    I remember this!
    She did that when her career tanked.
    Well, looks like the PB shooting didn’t help.
    Her career tanked anyway.


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