22 thoughts on “Chanel West Coast Sexy (19 Pics + Video)

        1. Metal

          Wow dude, looks like your demonstrating that she has dumb fans as well. I mean I like Chanel, but she frequently proves to be quite unintelligent in a lot of areas.. even she knows and admits it often. A few points to be made here:
          1. the first comment did say ho, not hoe…
          2. the second comment used it as a plural, which would turn ho into hoes. much like tomato into tomatoes…
          3. listen to the music, there is very little substance in the lyrics. This is not supposed to be an award winning song for best lyrics. She makes simple, weed-culture hip-hop.
          4. I realize it’s pointless to argue on internet threads, as they often tend to either go nowhere, or get needlessly out of hand.. but fuck this guy^

  1. Boogaloo

    Why do woman think butt injections and makeup work? its like an episode of the Simpsons when homer designs the Makeup Gun…lol Let me just adjust the settings… Whore, Slut, Classy..lol


    She has butt implants. If you watched the the Fantasy Factory before she was known she had no butt at all. In the 2nd picture from the bottom you can see the shitty liposuction on the back of the legs and the start of the butt implant on her butt cheek.

  3. Spankmaster

    Thank you, Mr. Whippy, your poignant words clearly indicate that you don’t just give out the soft serve in assessing the truth of this girl. She really needs to be working the side show format of burlesques shows…

  4. Festie

    Nobody listens to my music.
    She may not be very bright but id still like to fuck her or see her doing Porn.
    Hoes is not the plural of ho. Yes arguing online is futile.


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