8 thoughts on “Candice Swanepoel Sexy (15 Photos)

  1. She can do what she wants

    To the people who think she “needs to be at home with her kid or she’s a bad mom” she has a husband and grandparents who also help. Which is what grandparents LIKE to do when their own kids have kids. I’m sure it’s something the people criticizing her have never & will never experience Since we all know they’re alone & their own parents despise them. Also KILL YOURSELF!

  2. wawawe

    Man men are stupid. When you get 20 somethings with bodies like those you don’t knock them up before they go downhill. You wait until they hit 35 (or whenever you think her body is going to shit) to knock them up.

    Basically ruining a body prematurely isn’t smart.

  3. Swanepoel-Fan-1

    Hopefully she’ll shed the baby weight by the time she is needed for the fittings for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, cause she is still a VS Angel.

  4. Sheldon

    Her face is fugly. This is a butterface, and now her body is ruined, good, never liked her anyway. Too ugly that Michael Bay wouldn’t eff her again


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