27 thoughts on “Camilla Franks Topless (5 Photos)

      1. idiocracy=real

        First month, then day, then year?
        Do they go with first minutes, then seconds, then hours too?
        You have to be a complete moron to show dates like that! ^^

  1. Thefappeningblog has lost its way.

    A fashion designer?? Seriously? What next? Someone who overtook you on the way to Walmart? How about some no name call center chick you were on the phone to?

    I thought this website was going down the shitter after you started posting Porn stars and no name snapchat sluts, but now a never heard of her nor care who she is Fashion Designer?? *Facepalm*

  2. AJ

    Ok, so if this is what she looks like before the delivery, imagine what them titties will look like after they have been sucked on for about a year (which would be including by me if I was her man).

  3. punkass

    Some of you are a bunch of shithead kids. Get a woman pregnant you dumb fucks abd see what you have. It is life and it is awesome


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