24 thoughts on “Brooke Candy Topless (16 Pics + Video)

  1. John

    What the ever loving fuck was that ? Wow …CJB i feel you brother :))
    Even the crack-hoes at my street corner look better than this “THING”

  2. She’s a nasty skank

    Just goes to show if you got big boobs act like a freak show you too can be a star truly an ugly skank

  3. AJ

    Could do without the big mammaries, but other than that, love the whole peg my ass till you liquify the contents of my colon meme. I’m not gonna lie, that’s gonna take a while since I’ve been a tad bit constipated lately. Nothing backs me up like last months gerbil that can’t find its way out of natures habitrail.

  4. Spankmaster

    Her dildo is undoubtedly the closest thing she will ever get to a real man…and even that dildo will sooner than later deflate on her out of sheer disgust for not wanting to go anymore into her nether regions. And I do hope she had success with this satanic ritual of hers in resurrecting what ever had been lost to her long ago, such as her sanity and virginity…


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