24 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Sexy (71 Photos)

  1. Name

    Curves?! Hahaha hahaha. You mean her fake ass tits? Because everything else is flat. Her ass looks like 2 flaps on skin lmao…curves hahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. bonerkiller

    If I were a 60 year old dude, my wife had “womens problems” and didn’t like sex anymore and my kids thought I was a total looser I’d probably think Bethenny was some great ass but since none of that applies i’m thinking, release the Kraken insted.

  3. Boyblob

    I once felt distain for Doug until I realized he’s a troll. the more people I saw fall into his trap the more I became enamored with him. In result I root for Doug because every time you pay the troll his toll the more he wins. You must learn to become one with doug… You must learn to love the doug

    1. Don't think so.

      Nah, he’s not really a troll. He’s serious about these stupid posts like he’s the caption police. Faggots gonna be faggots.


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