18 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Topless (1 New Photo)

  1. Bandit

    Hello dickheads. I’ve been gone for a few weeks. Vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. No, I’m not a degenerate gambler like a lot of you losers, and yes, I’m rich and had a lot of fun, and stayed at Belagio. Bite me. Plus I got to hang out with a bunch of fine classy bitches unlike the useless whores posted here.

    Good to be back with Bella Whorne the attention seeking bitch who looks like a 43 year old at the tender age of 18. Oh wow, took her a whole month to pose naked, pretty sure we’ll have multiple sex tapes by the end of the year. Desperate whore.

      1. Capt. Obvious

        He’s just a piece of shit troll that talks shit about anything and everything posted here. Looks like his mama grounded him and took away his computer for a while.

    1. LrdVndcts016

      So Bandit, how much did you have to pay those fine classy bitches to hang with you? Did you have to pay extra since you’re hung like a half-eaten TicTac? Oh by the way, your mom called, it’s your turn to get pegged.

      seriously, if you don’t like the content, don’t visit the site. Go troll someplace else, like $2.00 CrackWhore Confessions.Fuckyou

    2. pboi

      welcome back douchebag, we really miss ur insightful comments…NOT!!! hope u made a lot of money sucking dicks in vegas. damn, I really thought u finally decided to be nice to humanity and just offed urself. DOUCHEBAG!!!!

    3. Bart

      Hmm let’s do a psychological assessment on u…chronic liar, sex addict that has to pay for it,attention seeking (in retrospect giving u what u want by replying) and very very very very very very very very insecure. Such a sad state the world is in with people like u, let’s see what’s happening s now.

    1. Captian FuckBad

      I beg to differ, i hate bandit just the same but she wont give what we want just yet, she also doesnt act like lohan, shes also in better movies than lohan, and had a better child acting career than lohan, and shes hotter than lohan


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