30 thoughts on “Bella Thorne See Through (10 Photos + Video)

  1. Severin

    At first glance this “new mystery guy” looks like a fag, so I doubt that Bella’s fucking him if that’s what’s crapper’s wondering. If he’s straight then maybe he’s fucked her, sure. Bella’s a wanton slut after all, and that’s wonderful.

  2. AJ

    The most scariest thing in this whole set is to what the job of a paparazzi is like on the clip. What a sleazy ass job. I admit, it’s thanks to them we’re getting some great pics, I’m just saying, glad I don’t have to make my living this way, hiding in bushes, cars, trees and basically anywhere to get that money shot.

  3. We are doomed

    2 immediate observations from this clip:

    1- No one looks good after being awake for 4 days tweaking on meth.

    2-Our country is screwed because her generation is our future.

  4. Money shot

    That’s right, the money shot for you is when you bust a load from those tic tacs masquerading as balls and it hits your fupa with a volume that is visible to the naked eye.

  5. Oozing sores

    There’s nothing more erotic or sexually fulfilling than ejaculating a full load of my potent mangurt at the same time her STD sores break squirting warm and oozing puss all over my bleeding cock. Yeah, that’s hot.

  6. billthebuffalo

    Ny looking at him, one can assume is net income is $50 a month. Surely spent on shitty tattoos and $5 points of crack.

  7. klawicki

    She’s like Sue Ellen Mischke from Seinfeld…Elaine needs to tell her that a bra is not a top before she gets sued by some guy for causing him to drive off the road, ruining his chances at a professional Seniors Tour golfing career.

    Also..does she not see the hilarity in saying that she broke up with Scott Disick because he didn’t want to be serious and was just playing the field and in the 2-3 months since she has been seen with AT LEAST 10 different guys?

  8. slickwillytfcf

    I’m here to see tits and she’s got one of the better sets around considering what else gets shown here (all those disgusting downs syndrome-looking whale whores from UK reality TV for instance). I just wanna know why some paparazzi in 2017 have cameras only able to produce 1990s quality photos. She’s standing there in a lace bra, if your camera is too shitty to get a clear picture and you call yourself a photographer you should kill yourself and stop breathing my oxygen.


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