Bella Hadid Sexy (40 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Bella Hadid spends her summer vacation in Malibu, 07/10/2018. Of course, the paparazzi every day watch model at the beach. They took the pictures of Bella after the swim and show her figure without effects.

So, Bella is sunbathing in a black and white bikini. You can see the figure of beauty in this swimsuit very well. Followers note – they expected to see a slightly different “surface.”


24 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Sexy (40 Photos)

  1. JrSalami

    Her friend in the 2nd pic in the gray bikini bottom….much much better ass.

    n her sister GIGI is 1000% better looking…n with a much better body.

  2. dan

    She is anything but sexy… not a great body, the ish a pretty face neither… The only hot thing of this girl is her sister Gigi… thats the hot one

  3. scotty

    forget jelly arse. the girl with the yellow bikini top has a waaaaaaayyyyy better ass. can you find out who she is ?

  4. zed redd

    Not impressed…………but I’d take it “modeling” and being at the beach with no make up is apples and oranges. I see a lot of “models” who don’t look that great in their “street photos” but when they “doll them up” they look great. Who knows. No one and I mean no one can say she looks fantastic in these photos. I’d say she looks like about a 7 or 7 1/2 in these pictures {and I disagree that Gigi is “fantastic” either. Have you seen any pictures of Gigi recently?} I don’t know………………Models in the old days. The Cindy Crawfords and the Christy Brinkley’s were very PRETTY girls. They were beautiful to look at 24/7. It seems a little different today. Even the really “pretty” models today aren’t as pretty as Crawford and Brinkley were in their “heyday” IMO.

  5. Flatbutt

    How is she a model. she’s 21 but looks over 30 and has the body of a 40 year old after 2 kids. disgusting.


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